Cheque Scanner
Supply & Support

The entire cheque scanner support operation is monitored centrally from one our central office duly backed up by a
24 X 7 help desk.

The method of support for the entire country is based on a hub & spoke model; we create hubs which cover several towns and remote sites within a particular territory which are the spokes.

All hubs have resident trained personnel and carry inventory of spare units and spare parts. In addition there is a central repository of spares & spare units.

A set of bank branches (spokes) is serviced from a hub.

The repair strategy depends on the extent of the defect- how long it takes to repair and whether parts are readily available.

  • Make attempts to diagnose the problem and effect repairs over phone
  • Depute technician at site
  • If the repairs require extensive replacement of parts or parts not readily available, spare units will be used to swap the defective units till the bank's units are repaired
  • The bank's unit is taken to the hub & repaired within 4 working days
  • The original bank’s unit duly repaired is returned and SmartData inventory returned to its hub
Support Process Workflow
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