Image based Cheque
Processing Services

A state of the art processing center in Delhi & in other metro locations ensures uninterrupted service delivery and process enhancements, all within a highly secure environment.

SmartData deploys the latest technologies- a robust hardware, a proven software, a strong telecom network
which provides 365 x 24 x 7 services with 95% uptime.

SmartData has the requisite credentials to operate a full end to end Cheque Truncation Centre:
  • It’s past record with proven capabilities in cheque processing
  • Strong technology partnerships
  • Financial capability
  • Support infrastructure
  • Spread in India
Current Process Flow
End To End Cheque and Stub Processing:
  • Image Capture
  • Data extraction / Data entry & data enhancement.
  • Data processing and reconciliation.
  • Update of processed data onto hosts system.
Data Centre:
  • The main processing center is situated at Delhi
  • The facility capable of handling up to 100000 instruments per day
  • 95 % uptime – all redundancies built in
  • Proven application software
  • Equipped with world-class hardware
  • Skilled operational staff
  • Fully networked through dedicated leased lines
Key Deliverables:
Collection of the cheques from various locations –Branches, Kiosks & ATMs on all working days of clearing house within prescribed timelines for the same day presentation.
1st Level Validation
  • Count & tally the cheques received
  • Preliminary checkup of the instruments
  • Batch creation
  • Scrutinize detect discrepancies using UV detector
  • Image capture
  • Data extraction from the MICR line
Data Entry in the format required

100% accuracy of data captured & entered including identification of discrepancies

Verification of Image and Data – Checker Stage

Level 1/ level 2 Data capture, entry & verification done for fields like Amount, Account number, Cheque number, and Cheque date

Reject Repair and Balancing:

Rejects of the MICR line appropriately repaired balanced before the same is processed further.
Data re-entry and data correction as also image preprocessing analysis carried out at this stage.
Supervisory stations will do the necessary verification. Perform IQA analysis as prescribed by the RBI.
Generation of CHI Ready Files in the format required for Upload onto the CHI server
Providing output files in prescribed RBI standards.

Return Processing:

Mark the returns in the master file, generate the file, locate & extract the returned cheques and hand over physical instruments and file to the bank.

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