SmartData has been pioneers in the cash collection, cash vaulting and burial.

SmartData has also been proving cheque collection & processing for the last few years. These services have been provided to several Indian public & private sector banks; Foreign Banks and corporate clients directly.

Our Cash Management Services include:
  • Cash collection, archival & disbursal
  • Cheque collection and processing
  • Image based Cheque truncation services
  • Utility bill- remittance processing
  • Post-dated cheque processing
  • Banking of cash & cheques
  • Report compilation & collation
  • Upload onto the operators’ billing system
  • Reconciliation of returns
  • End-to-end solution provider
  • Multiple data processing centers across major cities
Utility Bills & Cheque Collection & Processing

The cash and cheques are collected from the client sites within the prescribed time frame and an acknowledgement given stating the amount collected. This is deposited the same day with the client’s designated bank branch.

The associated data pertaining to the collection are entered & a summary is sent along with the cash report to the client and its bankers. The cash collection summary has all the details like amount of cash, name of the site from where collected, location name, deposit amount, deposit slip number, bank name etc. The cash collection summary along with bank deposit slips are sent daily to the client along with the scan of the deposit slips & the control slips to the bank. The cash with control slip and bank deposit slip are finally tallied and the collection summary is prepared for the client.

Similarly, the cheques are collected from various client sites and the details of the cheques are entered into SmartData system. After the completion of the data entry, various reports are generated for the client and their bankers as prescribed by the bank. All these reports are then sent to the client by the end of the day. The cheques are sent for encoding and for banking the next day. The client systems are also updated directly.

Using a software, which maintains the centralized data base, any query can be answered.

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