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For over 20 years, Smart Data has provided Cheque processing and image-scanning technology to financial institutions and merchants, longer than any other scanner supplier.

Smart Data with their Processing centers in the India more than 350 + locations.

Smart Data has deployed and currently supports more than a 3500 + Cheque scanners devices and more than 45,000+ POS terminals for financial institutions India Wide.

Smart Data has provided customers access to world-class service, industry-leading technology and technical support for a diverse portfolio of payment-related products and services. Since 20 years.

Smart Data has Over 600 +field engineers geographically dispersed coast-to-coast. Pan INDIA

Redundant call centers supporting customers with a multi-time zone footprint.
Forward stocking parts facilities strategically placed throughout INDIA.
24/7/365 technical phone support provides live response with expert on call services.
Dedicated Call Center for Cheque Scanners
Experienced Staff to take care of our customers’ need.

Smart Data Processing Services Pvt Ltd is a DigitalCheck Authorized Service Provider (ASP) for the DigitalCheck SmartSource scanners in India, As a DigitalCheck ASP, Smart Data is authorized to provide genuine DigitalCheck parts and certified to provide labor in servicing.



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Document Imaging Solutions.

SmartSource® Professional – Teller Capture Scanner

The SmartSource Professional provides one of the most advanced features and capability sets in the industry. With the ability to field upgrade a 30 DPM model to 55 DPM, 80 DPM, or 120 DPM, technology investment is protected should business requirements change in the future. Requiring virtually no consumables and limited operator maintenance makes the SmartSource Professional ideal for the teller, back-counter or back-office environment

SmartSource Professional Elite

The SmartSource Professional Elite incorporates the best features of the highly popular SmartSource Professional scanner. With a throughput of 155 documents per minute, the Elite scanner provides the speed necessary to process large deposits. Standard features include ID card scanning and high-res, 4-line rear ink-jet endorser for printing text, logos and graphics. These features along with quiet operation, ease-of-use and one of the smallest footprints in the industry make the Professional Elite scanner ideal for teller capture and remote deposit capture applications.

SmartSource Expert

With the same base features as DigitalCheck SmartSource Professional, the SmartSource Expert scanner is the perfect choice for any thin client environment because it is one of the few network enabled scanners available today equipped with an Ethernet interface and on board intelligence

SmartSource Merchant Elite

The SmartSource Merchant Elite is optimized for “merchant” or remote deposit capture applications. With a speed of 55 documents per minute and no endorser, the SmartSource Merchant Elite is ideal for applications requiring the processing of small or large batches of documents.

SmartSource Micro Elitet

The SmartSource Micro Elite is a low-cost, MICR-enabled compact scanner that is optimized for remote deposit capture applications. It is capable of capturing images of both checks and other documents such as insurance cards and drivers licenses.

SmartSource Edge

The SmartSource Edge is a low-cost, MICR enabled compact scanner capable of capturing images of both checks and other documents such as insurance cards and drivers licenses. This single feed device is the preferred solution for low-volume remote deposit capture applications requiring a front franking stamp

SmartSource Adaptive

A companion product to the SmartSource Professional check scanner, DigitalCheck SmartSource Adaptive shares many of the same superior features of the SmartSource Professional, including industry-leading MICR read rates, image quality and paper handling, but is designed to process intermixed full page, as well as check sized documents

SmartSource Advantage

TDigitalCheck delivers its proven expertise with the compact duplex scanner, the SmartSource Advantage. Designed for remote deposit capture environments, the Advantage captures a mixture of up to 20 checks, full and legal sized documents – all in one pass with automatic document feed. Small businesses can scan and electronically deposit checks throughout the day, update accounts electronically, eliminating travel time to and from the bank.

ReceiptNOW Printers

Developed and supported by DigitalCheck, the SmartSource ReceiptNOW thermal receipt printers are designed to sit under SmartSource scanners. Combining units into one footprint saves valuable counter space at the teller window. The ReceiptNOW has the ability to print check images and additional graphics such as logos and watermarks that can either be stored within the printer or sent as part of the print data to the printer. The ReceiptNOW supports standard Windows True Type Fonts as well as the OPOS interface.

Quantum DS

This production-class desktop reader sorter, processes items at up to 200 documents per minute and offers either 8 or 12 pockets for sorting and improved throughput. Each pocket is able to hold up to 200 items. Define multiple physical pockets as a single logical pocket and maintain exceptionally high throughput rates, even with heavy volume users.

Quantum & High-speed Network Document Processors (NDP)

These versatile transports are designed to handle the requirements of any organization processing significant volumes of checks or payments. Their multi-use features provide full payment processing functionality including code-line read, imaging, encoding, and document sorting. A combination of advanced hardware features and software productivity tools deliver optimal efficiency to better leverage your investment.

TellerScan® TS240

The TellerScan TS240 teller capture scanner is Digital Check’s workhorse check scanner for the teller window or high-volume remote deposit capture environments. Powerful enough to handle large stacks of documents, and affordable enough for small businesses, the TS240 remains one of our most popular and versatile check scanner models of all time

  • Uses Best-Read® recognition technology for clearest images
  • Compatible with Clear by Digital Check® image enhancement software
  • Polymer rollers for more durability and better feeding
  • Optional single-line Inkjet endorser
  • Available with optional UV scanning capability
  • Optional thermal transaction printer available
  • Compatible with Windows XP/Vista/7/8.x/10
  • Compatible with Mac OSX and some Linux distributions

Remote Deposit Scanner – CheXpress® CX30

The CheXpress CX30 was the first check scanner designed specifically for remote deposit capture, as a lower-cost alternative to the high-speed, multi-feed models employed at the teller window. More than 10 years later, it’s our best-selling scanner model of all time, and has been updated repeatedly to keep up with the times.

The CX30 includes all the essential capabilities for check image capture, including bank-quality MICR and OCR, straight-through or feed-and-return duplex scanning, and optional inkjet endorsement. It is also available with UV check capture capability for international markets. If you need an affordable and durable scanner for remote deposit capture, look no further than the CX30.

SecureLink™ Network Attached Scanning

Your Scanner Reimagined! SecureLink is Digital Check’s network protocol for connecting your scanner to any network device: desktop, laptop, tablet, or even a smartphone. Using either an external appliance (pictured at left) or embedded into the scanner, SecureLink runs the Digital Check API and key functions such as image compression separately from a desktop PC, making the scanner operating-system independent and operated via commands from a standard Internet browser. It is ideal for virtual environments where tellers use thin client workstations connected to a central server.

The SecureLink external appliance can be used with either new or existing TellerScan and CheXpress devices, meaning you can give your old scanner new life as a network-enabled device.

Our new SecureLink 2.0 expands the supported product line to include the SmartSource Expert Elite and Expert Micro Elite, and retains backward compatibility with the original SecureLink protocol. It also features streamlined commands for easier software integration, and supports ID card capture for the first time.

Measuring just 3″x4″, the original SecureLink device uses a private network to communicate with any discoverable devices you designate.

This tiny system-in-a-box can actually operate your scanner in place of a desktop PC, so you just connect your own device and control the scanner using an ordinary web browser. That means SecureLink is virtually operating-system agnostic, and has been tested to work with many Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, iOS and Android devices.



  • Browser-based and network controlled
  • Control your Digital Check scanners without a PC
  • Connect CX30, TS240 and TS500 scanners to any network device
  • Small Form Factor
  • Switch between network devices


Control your scanner from thin client workstations, tablets, smartphones, or anything else you can imagine!


Need to borrow a scanner from someone else’s workstation? With Secure Link, it’s no problem! Multiple devices can be connected to an individual scanner, letting you switch back and forth as needed.


The SecureLink network device can run your scanner by itself, so you don’t need to have each check scanner tethered to a dedicated workstation, or Digital Check drivers and software installed on each device that will control the scanner. Just use the browser on a connected device to operate it and let SecureLink take care of the rest. Our scanners maintain the same high standards for image quality and MICR read rates no matter how you connect to them.

ScanBox – Kiosk Network-Enabled Check Scanning

ScanBox by Digital Check® is a versatile, secure platform that serves as the central building block for kiosks, self-service stations, and other customer-facing applications. Featuring a CheXpress kiosk scanner, a SecureLink by Digital Check® module for connecting to networks, and a touchscreen interface, the it can capture and store up to 300 checks or money orders in a secure metal enclosure. ScanBox can be used as a standalone, self-driving device, or it can be connected with other hardware and banking systems as part of a multi-faceted solution. It is commonly used in tandem with a cash-handling component to create simple yet effective kiosks that can handle the majority of self-service transactions.


  • Touchscreen operation
  • Locking metal enclosure
  • Space for up to 300 scanned documents
  • Inkjet endorsement option
  • Accommodates U.S. or European power voltages and outlets


While it can be used as a standalone tabletop device if necessary, ScanBox was also designed to be easily incorporated into larger enclosures and frames as part of full-height kiosks. Several successful kiosk designs have already been based around the ScanBox platform.


ScanBox uses a very basic set of commands to operate the check capture mechanism, so your own front-end GUI can easily be loaded onto the tablet. Customers will see your own branding and look and feel.


The metal enclosure of the ScanBox can accommodate a variety of 8-inch tablets for use as a touchscreen display (check with us for approved tablets). The device can connect to a network through either a hardwired Ethernet cable, the internal WiFi, or the tablet’s optional 3G or 4G capability, if available. ScanBox can handle much of the image processing internally, so checks are ready for clearing when they are exported to your network.



  • Height: 8.81" (23.38 cm)
  • Width: 16" (40.64 cm)
  • Width - with rails: 17" (43.18 cm)
  • Depth: 15.79" (40.11 cm)
  • Weight: (without tablet) 30 lbs. (13.60 kg)


  • Camera: 300 dpi, duplex
  • Min. document size: 2.12" x 3.19" (54 mm x 81 mm
  • Max. document size: 4.25" x 8.98" (108 mm x 228 mm)
  • MICR: E13B or CMC7
  • Mechanism: Single-feed
  • Storage capacity: 300 documents


  • Ethernet
  • WiFi
  • 3G or 4G (if supported by tablet)


  • Power Conusmption: 24 Watts
  • Voltage: 110 to 240 AC
  • Power supply auto-sensing for voltage
  • Internal connections support U.S. and European plugs
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