Kiosks based
Collection Services

Managed services for utility bills collection & processing:
  • Cash collection
  • Cheque collection
  • Automated receipt generation
  • Fully automated & system driven
Bill Payment Kiosk- Basic Operation
  • Read the bar-coded bills of the utility company
  • Select mode of payment Cash or Cheque
  • Select options like multiple bills against single payment
  • Enter the cash amount deposited
  • Cheques read by the built in MICR reader
  • Enter the cheque amount & date
  • Validation of bill amount with cash / cheque amount paid
  • Receipt automatically printed
  • System generated MIS at EOD
  • Completely system driven & manned
  • Fully automated & system driven
  • Multiple payment options
  • Full data validation
  • Checks & balances built in
  • Automatic data capture
  • Networked option for direct upload
  • System generated MIS and EOD
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