Retail Assets/Liability

Under Retail Assets we offer services covering all three delivery channels:

Delivery Channel Services Offered
Feet on Street Field verification—both office as well as residence, documents collection like PDD, KYC etc.
Back office File processing including—KYC scrutiny, credit evaluation, product norms, financial powers, data entry, PDC processing, welcome kit printing and dispatch, scanning of documents, archival etc.

File due diligence for take-over of portfolio
Voice Outbound calling (NO sales/marketing calls)—Tele-verification, Welcome calling and Awareness calling
Under Retail Liabilities, we offer the following services:
  • KYC documents scrutiny
  • Scanning of forms
  • Data entry of forms
  • File due diligence for take-over of credit card portfolio
  • Documents collection for KYC norms fulfilling
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